Latest updates from our Ahmedabad to London Road Trip on Bike - Trip Started on 24th April 2018

27 April 2018, Places I explored Akshardham temple

The two Legendary Riders Prakash Patel and Hiren Patel of GRMC started their international trip of 22000kms and 19 countries in approximately 70 days as they were flagged of by their GRMC brothers and family members at 5.0 am on 24thApril 2018. Here we will share latest updates and travel stories curated from their official facebook page.

Day 1 (24th April 2018):

The journey started at 5:00 AM early morning on 24th April 2018 from Ahmedabad and they have reached KOTA traveling in the temperature of 45 degree Celsius. In Kota they were felicitated and best wishes were given to them by TRR (The Rider Regiment) club of Kota. Here are few photographs from the day first.

Day 2 (25th April 2018) :

Today is the 2nd day of our journey and we reached Kanpur covering 500km distance from Kota in scorching heat. On reaching Kanpur we were welcome by Kanpur rider Mr Nitin and his group.

Day 3 (26th April 2018) :

This is day three of our journey when we started from Kanpur and traveled 735 kms to Begusaria in Bihar. We had a wonderful experience of having homely Gujarati dinner hosted by a family on getting impressed with their ride moto, invited them for a dinner.

Overall it is an exciting start of the journey and we will keep you informed about the progress.

Day 4 (27th April 2018) :

Today is the fourth day of our journey and so far it is such an incredible experience. Lot of excitement and overwhelming response from the fellow biker community from all the way on our route. Today we started from Begusarai Bihar and travelled around 475 kms to reach Alipuduar of west bengal.The riding could not cruise like other days as today we faced heavy traffic and bad roads. As this is a part of our journey and thoroughly we enjoyed a lot. Here is one video from our live facebook telecast:

Day 5 (28th April 2018) : Reached Guwahati today.

Today is the 5th day of our journey and finally we reached Guwahati. Lets have some delicious Pizza at Domino's Pizza in Guwahati. Our ride to London will start from 1st May.

Brief about today's journey:

We drive to Alipuduar and Guwahati where we were welcomed by a very renowned rider club TEESTA THUMPERS of Assam and also by other riders. We really experienced lot of LOVE and RESPECT from the rider brothers and people of Guwahati Assam, which can be seen in one of the video posted on our facebook page. We received great welcome by RE team in Guwahati where we are getting our RE Himalyans ready for the ride to London. The international trip will begins from 1st of May till then we will get our-self a time to enjoy the hospitality of Guawahati, In blue shirt Mr Bikash, white t-shirt Mr Jyotish and technician Romjan in first snap and second snap Mr Utpal Talukdar for RE gears.

Day 8 : At Guwahati.

Had a lovely gathering. We take off right at 7:30 am, on 01 May 2018 at Guwahati. Proud that we are making history. 

Day 9 (1st May 2018) : Guwahati to Nagaland

We got together with our group and got our rides flagged off on time at 7.30am from Guwahati to Nagaland. The raid was really enjoyable and will surely be memorable with rains and off-roading.

Day 10 (2nd May) : Nagaland to Dimapur

We started from Nagaland and reached Dimapur. There were continuous rains throughout the trip. The roads were pretty wet but we made it safely.

Day 11(3rd May) : Reached Kale in Myanmar

LIONS GRMC bro PRAKASH PATEL AND HIREN PATEL crossed the trips 1st international border and reached Kale in Myanmar 

Day 12 (4th May2018) : Start journey from Kale Myanmar

LIONS GRMC bro Prakash Patel and Hiren Patel started their journey from Kale Myanmar to Bagan Myanmar with a distance of approx 400km with narrow but beautiful roads in good condition made riding more fun.

Day 13 (5th May 2018) : 

We had a rest day in Bagan. Really enjoyed the sight seeing in beautiful city of bagan. Learnt about their culture i.e. - respect for currency in dollar, nobody accepts folded dollars they should be unfolded currency.

Day 14 (6th May 2018) :

We started our long journey of 340 km, Ride from 7:30 am Sharp and rode through beautiful Inle Lake via a short picture halt at Mt Popa.Collecting great memories.

Great roads always give lovely bike rides. (On the same day in Myanmar)

Day 15 ( 7th May 2018) : We were live while travelling in this beautiful Inle Lake city, Mayanmar. Take a look. 

After the wonderful stay in the city of lake INLE where mode of transportation is done through boats, we continued the journey to Namsang (MYANMAR).

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These are good to go with since I will go with gear cycle to see if this can combine with bike. Thanks.
Haseeb Ma ( October 16, 2018 )
It's so cool. There are so many helpful tips in your post. My team will double check this out before starting the first journey.
Thomas Nguyen ( October 04, 2018 )
It is nice to learn these trips. Thanks. I and my friends will check this out.
Thomas Nguyen ( October 01, 2018 )
I am back with some ideas about road trip. Make sure best gear cycle is what you are looking for to have safe trip.
Thomas Nguyen ( September 28, 2018 )
Look nice. I love to join this trip if I have a chance. But make sure equip good gear cycle to increase the quality of bike.